Mommy, Mommy!!!


Ever get tired of hearing your kids yell, “Mommy, Mommy…”?

I have to be honest.  I do.  I know I should feel blessed, and, at times, I do — but days like today make me want to tear my hair out and shout, “Calgon, take me away!”

I tried to count, but lost tract after the umpteenth time I heard my name.  Literally, every five seconds one of the kids called out to me.

I can remember when my first child said, “mama” and how it made me feel.  I was teary-eyed and my heart was warmed to the core at how wonderful a feeling it was.  I know, logically, that I should still feel grateful for this– but my fleshly being has failed me and I am not the perfect my mom I started out intending to be.

O’ Lord, bring me back to where I was.  Where I was grateful for all things, especially the little things.  How I found awe in every new day and milestone.  Search my heart and know that I long to bring favor to you and be a blessing to my children and husband.  Hear my cries to you for patience.  I know that you are God and you are good, and your mercies never fail.  I love you, Lord and I will lift my voice to you in praise.  I will never cease to be humbled by your graciousness towards me.  For everything I lack, you are there.  My flesh and my heart may fail, but YOU are the strength of my heart and my portion forever.




I don’t know anything…accept I’m a wretched sinner saved by grace.

For who could love me and want me fully as I am, without no chase.

His redeeming love is so powerful,

I’m always amazed –

At the extent it would travel,

the fortitude lost beyond measure,

to succumb to His redeeming power-

Wow– how awesome it is,

that He would love me,

in spite of…

how wretched I am…

Twenty-two years…


It’s been 22 years and I know what you’re saying-
How could those two with all of their flaws keep on staying.
Staying true to what God has ordained from the start-
And heaven knows it’s by His grace every day we don’t part.

I can honestly say that my love is much greater-
Than it was way back then.
It’s truly a miracle how God has intertwined-
Our hopes, our dreams, and our lives to no end.

It sometimes scary-
How we can think so much alike.
We say things the other was just about to-
Literally -every day and night.

I know what we have is rare-
And we will not deny-
That unless God builds the house-
It is hopeless to try.

Now please take these words-
And hold to them fast.
That what God can give you-
Is the same and no less.

His grace is sufficient to cover every thing you lack-
And His love keeps on giving without ever taking back.
So let go and let God take over for you,
I promise you’ll never regret it at all -if you do.


Under Bridges


Under Bridges
Brave Saint Saturn

Yesterday while walking
Beneath an overpass
I saw the figure of Jesus
Standing barefoot on broken glass

His beard was graying
Smell of urine filled the air
Asking if I had some change
Anything that I could spare

His shaking fist balled up
Influenza and pneumonia
Begging God to take his cup

So different from his pictures
Breathing air through yellowed tubes
Jesus Christ, dying of AIDS
Can look right through you

And all have hated
Crucified and walked away
Savior of the prostitutes
Drunkards, rapists, and the gays

Under bridges
With hands raised
From the ghettos
They praise His name

Broke and crippled
In the dark of night
Raise your voices
To Jesus Christ


Mr. Inappropriate


Mr. Inappropriate was born on January 13, 2004.  He is originally from Sacramento, California, but is presently residing in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He studies at Otter Creek Elementary and aspires to be the first President of the United States – who is also a model.

Here are some of his famous quotes:

* At 3 years old — “You’re the best mommy I ever tasted!”

* At 4 years old — “I’m gonna pop you like a nipple!”-meaning to say pimple.

* At 5 years old — “I’m sure glad your plane didn’t crash…cause THAT would be awkward!” – greeting Grandma and Grandpa at the airport.

* At 6 years old — Mr. I: “There are 4 inappropriate things in this world: the butt, the butt cheeks, the wiener, and the vagina … oh, and Lady Gaga, so that makes five.”

* At 7 years old — Daddy: “You know you wanna be just like your dad when you grow up.” Mr I: “Um, bald head? NO THANKS.”

* Again at 7 yrs. old — After giving Daddy a five second back rub: Daddy: “But you just started!” Mr. I: “No, I just FINISHED.”

* At 8 years old — “You roll the dice, you pay the price … just something we used to say back in the day.” – Mr. I.

* Again at 8 — “I wish I had a girlfriend. Because it would be awkward if I had to kiss my pillow-pet” – Mr. I.

Join me again for more quotes from “Mr. Inappropriate”, coming your way soon. 🙂

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Teenagers are dumb … and I am not.


In about a month, our oldest daughter, Marsha turns 20 years old.   We also have Jan who is 16 and our oldest son, Greg who is 14.  So, this is the last time for a while that we will have 3 teenagers.   What that means to me is that this is the perfect time … to make fun of them and prove that I am, indeed, better than them.

Here are some of my observations of teenagers today …

#1 They are so irresponsible and lazy!  No matter what  important things are going on around them, they always seems to think that this is the time to sit and relax.   They never offer to help on their own … and when you ask, they complain.

I would never act like that!  I mean … I never just sit on my butt and watch Carol as she is running around trying to get something done.   I would never just complain about a hard day of work and that I just want to sit and relax for a bit.  I am SO much more responsible than that!

#2 Teenagers only seem to think of the present and never consider that their decisions are going to affect their future in a negative way.

Now, it is a good thing I am not like that in any way.   I am pretty sure that I am always thinking of the future when I make my daily decisions.   Never-mind those curious spending choices once in a while or those late night dietary choices.  And I would never be short-sited and procrastinate on those projects I should be getting to around the house or at work.   

#3 What I believe is the biggest issue with teenagers today is that they are so self-absorbed and dramatic.   Everything is about them!

OMG … I just want to say that I am not self-absorbed at all!   All I ask is that everyone around ME understands that I want to listen to MY music …. I want to watch MY TV shows … and I don’t want anyone else to eat MY ice cream.  And one more thing … and this is the most important point in the whole wide world … I want to do these things when I want to do them or I will go pout by MYSELF in MY room!

So, its tough to deal with all these teenagers … I mean with all these issues that they have.   I am just so glad that I am so much more mature than they are and I don’t have any of those issues now that I am a responsible grown up.  Naa-na-na-na-Naa-na.

Responsibly yours,

Love is …



…in spite of how much sleep I’ve gotten.

…whether or not my kids will obey.

…even when my husband won’t help out around the house.

…even when the driver if front of me is going too slow.


…when I speak to my family in a gracious way.

…when I don’t get upset at the telemarketer who’s interrupting dinner.

… when I make dinner for a family in need.

… when I teach my kids kindness.

not proud

…even when my kids are obeying and my friend’s kids are throwing a fit.

…even when I want to pat myself on the back for the little things I  do for others.

…even when I secretly long for compliments about my gifts and talents.

not selfish

…when I’m looking forward to a date night and one of the kids gets sick.

…when I really want to sleep in, but have to get up to make breakfast for the kids.

…when I have a show I’ve been wanting to watch, but my husband has been waiting all day to watch a ball game.


…when my husband’s words have cut like a knife, and I want to hold on to my anger.

…when the driver beside me cuts me off and almost causes me to crash.

…when a friend betrays my trust.

…when a parent rejects me.

Love never fails.